How to prevent the deformation of your box shape

The moisture content of the wooden box is within the fiber saturation point of the wood. The bending property of the wood increases with the increase of the moisture content of the wood. When the density of the wood is small, the water content can be […]

Advantages of wooden box packaging

(1) The wooden box can protect the contents of the box from damage, such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration. The protection measures are very important during the period from the production to the use of t […]

The difference between solid wood and imitation wood packaging box

Is wooden box packaging really over-extended? This has become one of the issues discussed by industry professionals. Everyone has a set of logic or perspectives, combined with the analysis of the situation of the mahogany industry, the price is indee […]

Wood product surface bronzing precautions

Wood products are not hot stamped or hot stamping: this is related to various factors such as surface properties of wood products, properties of anodized aluminum, hot stamping temperature and pressure. 1.Too much powder on the surface of the printin […]

Development of bronzing process

With the improvement of the processing level of bronzing materials and bronzing plates, as well as the use of new machinery and equipment, the domestic bronzing process has also achieved some new developments. High-speed bronzing, three-dimensional b […]

Wood health function

Wood is an ancient and natural green material. Wood has perfect characteristics. It can improve the environment for human survival, regulate indoor temperature and humidity, adjust people’s psychological feelings, extend human life, and have fu […]

What are the wooden box making processes? What is the paint process?

In the current application, baking varnish is divided into two categories: low temperature baking varnish and high temperature baking varnish. Among them, low temperature baking varnish is practically used, and high temperature baking varnish is wide […]

What are the wooden box making processes? Wooden box polishing notes

Wooden box polishing notes Operators should wear protective goggles and protective masks. Check that the variety and specifications of the grinding wheel are consistent with the performance required for the current operation. A broken wheel, even if […]

Wooden box design type

The design of the wooden box is based on the difference in the material of the wood. Generally, the wood box used in the market is selected from the group of rosewood, rosewood, pine wood, etc., and the material with higher density is selected as muc […]

Why do humans pay much attention to wood culture from ancient times to today?

Chinese ancients have always attached importance to the heavens and the earth and the yin and yang. In the traditional five elements of the doctrine, “wood” represents the white East, representing the endless life. Therefore, the ancients […]