What are the classifications of wooden tea packaging?

 As a common tea packaging type, wooden tea packaging is popular among quite a few consumers for its advantages of thick, simple, wearable and practical. Wood has a long history as a material in China. It is characterized by simple processing, e […]

The craftsmanship and characteristics of the wine box

The image of the wine wooden box design must be combined with the design structure. If the structure can understand the limitations of image printing in advance, the adhesive label, vacuum aluminum composite bag. According to the requirements, the wo […]

Design and application of wine wooden box

Red wine wooden boxes are used to package various holiday products for each company for promotional purposes. Therefore, wine wooden boxes are very important for the value-added and sales of products. Depending on the material, the gift box can be di […]

Wooden box making process

The production process of wooden boxes mainly includes skinning, stickers, piano lacquer, engraving, rubbing gold, branding, screen printing, metal patch and the like. On the basis of the original wooden box, adding these processes can enhance the ae […]

How to distinguish the true and false of wood wax oil

Wood wax oil is widely used in new Chinese furniture, and various cheap wood wax oils are also emerging one after another. So how do consumers distinguish the true and false of wood wax oil? It can be distinguished from the following points: Look at […]

Oak and rubber wood, the difference between the world

The difference between oak and rubber wood is only one word, but the results vary widely. In fact, oak and rubber wood are two completely different types of wood. However, because people’s understanding of wood is generally limited, the name of […]

Advantages of wooden tea packaging

Tea has a long history in China and is a very important drink in daily life. It is also a kind of gift. But choosing a tea box is a very important job. Today, there are many kinds of tea boxes on the market, such as wood, iron, paper and bamboo. All […]

What factors need to be considered in wooden packaging boxes?

Application load requirements: According to the weight of materials stored on the wooden packaging box and the logistics operation form, consider the static load and dynamic load capacity of the wooden packaging box. Wooden box size: The size of the […]

What kinds of wine wooden boxes are there?

We all know that wine wooden boxes are generally divided into: single, double, four and six, but many people do not know, what are the red wine boxes? Wine and liquor wine box packaging Log wine box: pine, paulownia, etc. Imitation mahogany wine box: […]

Wood product maintenance

Due to the particularity of its materials and use properties, wooden handicrafts are generally less cracked and not afraid of water. However, this does not mean that you can spray water on wooden crafts when cleaning wooden crafts. You should use wet […]