Wooden box design type

Why do humans pay much attention to wood culture from ancient times to today?
What are the wooden box making processes? Wooden box polishing notes

Wooden box design type

The design of the wooden box is based on the difference in the material of the wood. Generally, the wood box used in the market is selected from the group of rosewood, rosewood, pine wood, etc., and the material with higher density is selected as much as possible.

One: slide type

The slide cover can be used. The three sides of the box are firstly assembled by the boring process. Finally, the groove on the left side is made to be able to be pulled back and forth. The top cover is slightly thinner. The wooden box of this design method. Very practical, no gaps and screws are visible on the surface, it is very beautiful.

Two: opening and closing

Open and close box, the lock is installed in the closed position of the wooden box, the hinge is installed on the other side, and the lock is mostly metal lock. The designer of this wooden box draws on the ancient wooden box making process, the ancient treasure The box is a similar shape, which stores some valuable items, so it needs to be locked. With the development of technology, some people have password locks at the closed box.

Three: Heaven and Earth cover

The wooden box cover and the wooden box are separate boxes, which are commonly known as the world cover. The cover is relatively thin, and the ratio of the box is about 2:8. This box does not have any locks or hinges. It looks very simple, but instead looks simple. More liked by people.

Four: multi-layer wooden box

Multi-layer wooden box, as its name implies, is a box with several layers. Each layer can be pushed and pulled. The focus of this wooden box design is that it can be placed in different categories, use the space, store the items, and put more things. It is.

In addition, the design of the surface of the wooden box is also very important. Depending on the product, the pattern on the surface of the wooden box is also different, and the color of the pattern is also matched according to the shape of the wooden box and the attributes of the product.