The difference between solid wood and imitation wood packaging box

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The difference between solid wood and imitation wood packaging box

Is wooden box packaging really over-extended? This has become one of the issues discussed by industry professionals. Everyone has a set of logic or perspectives, combined with the analysis of the situation of the mahogany industry, the price is indeed on the general packaging. After the rapid adjustment of the packaging industry, there is a wider range of choices in wooden box materials, the distinction between solid wood and imitation wood.

Solid wood – wood grain, wood ray, clearly visible, more or less should have some natural flaws. The same piece of solid wood, whether it is wood or wood, will have different degrees of distinction. There are many woods to choose from in the solid wood, but one thing is consistent. The material is higher than the imitation wood. Generally, high-grade packaging boxes will be made of solid wood. It is also an exaggeration because solid wood is the technical requirement for making the material.

Veneer – wood grain, wood rays clear. There should also be natural flaws. With pores, because the veneer has a certain thickness, two wooden interfaces are encountered when making wooden boxes. Usually, they do not turn, but each piece is attached, so the wood grain of the two interfaces should not be connected. It is considered as a mid-range grade in wooden box packaging.

Stickers–Wood grain and wood rays are clearly visible. Even imported high-grade paper can be imitated even with wood enamel, but it is different from natural wood veneer. Sticker wooden boxes are easy to reveal flaws at the corners. In addition, because of the small thickness, the wood grain paper will be directly wrapped at the junction of the two planes, causing the wood grain of the two interfaces to be connected.

 According to the editor of Beijing Linxiang Wood Art, the use of imitation wood in the market is also less, there are wood grain paper and veneer production process, but for the wooden box factory, it is necessary to produce high-grade solid wood wooden box. High technology can only do it.