Wood product surface bronzing precautions

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Wood product surface bronzing precautions

Wood products are not hot stamped or hot stamping: this is related to various factors such as surface properties of wood products, properties of anodized aluminum, hot stamping temperature and pressure.

1.Too much powder on the surface of the printing, the printing ink is not dry or the surface contains additives such as detacking agent and varnish, which will hinder the adsorption of the electrochemical aluminum and the printed part. Deburring of the surface of the wood product can be carried out or solved in the printing process.

2.Improper selection of anodized aluminum will also directly affect the bronzing fastness. According to the size of the bronzing area, the type of the electroplated material should be considered comprehensively. There are many types of electro-aluminum materials on the market, and various models correspond to substrates of different materials and their most suitable range of hot stamping. They are mainly distinguished by the adhesion and peeling degree during use. When the operator selects the electro-aluminized material with poor fastness and tightness for hot stamping, the hot stamping pattern on the wooden box will be hot stamped and gold lot.

When selecting the electrified aluminum, the following can be mainly referred to: the hot stamping on the ordinary packaging box (general ink color), the aluminum alloy has 88 type I, and the KURZ type PM: the printed matter of the cigarette pack and the cosmetic box type (including printing gold and printing) Silver) gilded anodized aluminum has 88-2 type; cigarettes, cosmetic packaging and other fine strokes of hot-printed electro-aluminum have 88-3, 88-4 type, PM288 and other suitable for 0PP or PET-clad sheet and UV ink The products such as wood board and other products are hot stamped with aluminum type 88-4, K series, LK series, and SP series.

3.There is no correct understanding of the matching between bronzing equipment, pressing time and hot stamping temperature, which affects the hot stamping fastness and the sharpness of the graphic outline.

Due to the difference in equipment and hot stamping materials, the pressing time and hot stamping temperature are not the same. For example, the high-speed circular pressing machine is fast, the embossing line is in contact, and the hot stamping temperature is higher than the round flat or flat flat. Under normal circumstances, the round stamping temperature is between 190% and 220 °C, the round flat is about 130 °C ~ 150 °C, and the flat pressure is about 100 °C ~ 120 °C. Of course, the hot pressing time, hot stamping temperature and production efficiency are also largely restricted by the transfer performance of the electrochemical aluminum. Also pay attention to check whether the pressure is balanced. If some of the pictures are not hot stamped, check the hot stamping version for damage.

Reverse pull: Reverse pull refers to the removal of printing ink or printing varnish after the hot stamping. The main reason is that the ink on the surface of the wooden box is not dried or the UV treatment on the surface of the wood product is improperly processed, resulting in the inconsistency of the surface ink and UV oil on the surface of the board.

Wait for the print to dry and then bronze. In addition, an electrochemical aluminum material having a low separation force and excellent heat transfer property can be selected.