The use and characteristics of camphor

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The use and characteristics of camphor

It can prevent insects and mites and has a musky scent. It is a protective treasure for clothing, books and archives. It uses the natural insect repellent properties of camphor wood to prevent insects and mites, moisture and mildew, and purify the air. Instead of the anti-insect and anti-mite function of the traditional coffin box, it is no longer necessary to put the mothballs with toxic chemical synthesis, and permanently prevent insects. Insecticides, ants, cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances in the decoration room, moisture absorption, elimination of odor, purification of indoor air, have obvious repellent effect on the most serious aphids that endanger wooden products. Uses: laying composite wood flooring between keels, putting wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, etc.

Features: The sassafras wood has a smooth and sleek cut surface, beautiful color after painting, not easy to deform after drying, strong durability and easy to engrave. The small series of the home Zhongyuan explains the various characteristics of the camphor wood furniture.

The roots of the roots of the roots of the old root carving factory are all made of more than one hundred years of solid materials, without any splicing, the works are clean and beautiful, generous and moving, lifelike. It also emits a faint scent of scent, which has the effect of deworming and sterilizing the air.

Elm wood is a fragrant camphor wood. The plant has an evergreen tree and the whole plant has aroma. The bark is yellowish brown with irregular longitudinal cracks. Elm is a good building and furniture talent, not deformed, resistant to insects. Folks use carved wood to carved Buddha statues. The eucalyptus wood is fine and has a natural and beautiful texture. The texture is tough, not easy to break, and it is not easy to crack. It is the material of choice for carving crafts since ancient times. In addition, the camphor wood is a traditional precious wood that exudes a special rich aroma that has not been lost over the years. This fragrance makes the camphor wood furniture have a unique practical function: insect proof, cockroach, and mildew. High-grade clothing such as hair, leather, silk, and hemp, as well as calligraphy and painting books, are placed in it, and no longer need to smell pungent mothballs. The items are not only insects, mold, but also smelly. Camphor wood is rich in volatile oils and has a strong special aroma. It is one of the sources of high quality perfumes.

The camphor wood furniture and decorations are placed in the living room, exuding the faint scent of the diffuse house, and the air is filled with a sweet and pleasant taste, which makes people breathe and relax. At the same time, this aroma of camphor wood gives it a unique and practical function. It can deworm and mold, and has been the best material for making wardrobes and boxes since ancient times. Especially through the craftsman’s fine carving, the shape is simple, beautiful and generous. Store clothing and calligraphy in eucalyptus furniture. The items are not only worm-free, but also fragrant. The stored items are taken with a natural and elegant fragrance, which keeps the fragrance lasting.