Three factors that should be considered when designing a red wine wooden box

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Three factors that should be considered when designing a red wine wooden box

In general, there are three main factors to consider when designing a wooden box:

First, product factors

  Product factors refer to the contents of the wooden box and the packaged products, such as the brand, grade, logo design, color requirements, bottle specifications, weight, etc. of the wine. At the same time, the design of the wine wooden box should also pay attention to the target consumer group of the red wine, which is also the packaging design.

  Starting point and destination point. To understand the psychological needs of the target consumer group, we can better increase the value of the product.

Second, environmental factors

  This is mainly to consider the working environment when the wooden box is produced, the humidity of the production environment of the wooden box, the compressive strength, etc., all of which will affect the design process of the wooden box, thereby affecting the quality of the product.

Third, economic factors

   The purpose of wine distributors is only one, that is, making money, increasing the value of goods, and compressing production costs are their primary considerations. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of wooden boxes, economic factors are a problem that must be considered in wine wooden boxes. In the design process, the choice of raw materials, process selection, production costs, working hours, management fees, etc. must be considered clearly. In addition, consider the cost of the dealer during the transportation process.