Advantages and disadvantages of wooden box packaging

Drying of wood in wooden box packaging
Three factors that should be considered when designing a red wine wooden box

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden box packaging

[wood box packaging advantages]

The use of wooden boxes not only improves the grade of gifts, but also facilitates the preservation of products. For drinking products, such as red wine, wooden boxes are used. The advantages of using wooden boxes are as follows:

1, ornamental

The wooden box not only has a simple and heavy texture, but also is very delicate and elegant in terms of craftsmanship. Therefore, it gives people a strong appreciation.

2, preservation

Products that are packaged in wooden boxes can better protect the product from collision and damage. It is used longer than other materials, and some boxes have good waterproof performance.

3, color variability

The surface of the wooden box packaging crafts uses a paint spraying process. The surface of the paint has a matte, matte paint surface with a retro style. The hand touch is very smooth and feels good.

The surface of the paint is also colored, with a green and natural style, a graceful red, a calm and solemn black, and a playful and lovely violet color.

[Wood box packaging disadvantages]

1. Pine wood box is not resistant to sunlight, and sunlight is easy to change color:

Due to the characteristics of the pine itself, the water content is high and the texture is soft, so it is not as strong as other solid wood, and it is more prone to cracking of the cracking box.

Pines that are not processed by paint are naturally simple and clear, and there is also a worrying shortcoming. If the maintenance of the box is neglected, after the exposure, the pine box will change color and affect its natural beauty.

2. The pine wood box is not moisture-proof, and the moisture is easy to change:

In the southern part of the South, it is easy to see the shortcomings of pine, pine wood box is prone to discoloration in wet weather.

3. Pine wood boxes that have been processed by paint are also prone to discoloration and deformation.

In order to cover up some of the shortcomings of pine itself, many wooden box manufacturers have lost the natural beauty by processing such as paint painting.

4. Pine is more environmentally friendly than other materials, especially since many of the paint-coated furniture contain very high levels of formaldehyde.

Because pine is elastic and breathable, even for painted products, the amount of formaldehyde is much lower than other materials. The wooden box that has not been painted by paint retains the original features, natural texture, natural beauty and no pollution.

5. The lines are clear and simple

The color of the logs is pleasing to the eye and the texture is outstanding. This is one of the reasons why many customers have a soft spot for pine.

6. Pine is relatively cheap compared to other materials and is suitable for mass consumers.