What are the precautions for wooden box packaging?

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What are the precautions for wooden box packaging?

Let me talk about the precautions for wooden box packaging so that everyone can understand.

1, the positioning should be accurate, must be fixed on the side of the opening rather than the hinge side, the content can not be too thin, can not be less than 0.25mm, to be able to print out;

2, issued to check whether to turn, and confirm the manuscript re-check to prevent locked content;

3, the color should be pure black, the effect of the gradient effect is divided, the metal card, the metal word should be positioned;

4, the shading color is deep, the top to be overprinted with a light color to hollow out the shading, the ash can not be printed barcode;

5, positioning the round metal card to locate the center line, shrinking 1mm left, when multiple colors are printed, it is recommended to have a 3-5mm interval when making the manuscript;

6, as far as possible to mark, jewelry watch box, product name, code, work order number, bottom silk screen QS, bar code must first screen white and then silk screen blue and black.