Oak and rubber wood, the difference between the world

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Oak and rubber wood, the difference between the world

The difference between oak and rubber wood is only one word, but the results vary widely. In fact, oak and rubber wood are two completely different types of wood. However, because people’s understanding of wood is generally limited, the name of the wood is not standardized, which leads some merchants to be vague on the name of the wood used in their furniture, giving people the illusion of good quality and low price.

 There have been many incidents of counterfeit oak furniture on the market. Occasionally, customers who know a little about it, the salesperson will cover up the past with “the oak is the abbreviation of rubber wood”, which makes the furniture purchased by consumers not meet the actual needs, resulting in the market. A phenomenon of fake oak furniture has emerged. Let’s explore the difference between oak and rubberwood from the perspective of wood identification.

  1. Introduction to oak and rubber wood

 Oak, the scientific name of red or white, is mainly produced in Europe and North America, and is produced in large quantities from Russia and the United States. Excellent wood, is a common material for making furniture, flooring, wooden doors, and is also an ideal material for plywood veneers.

Rubber wood, the scientific name is rubber tree or rubber wood. It is a kind of tree of the genus Euphorbiaceae. The wood is warm and the sap is the main source of natural rubber. The wood can also make furniture and wooden doors. Rubber trees are native to the Amazon forest and are now found in subtropical regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Among them, Thailand is widely cultivated and is known as the “cash cow” in Thailand. China is mainly distributed in Hainan, Guangdong and other places, in addition to Taiwan can also be planted.

  1. The difference between the structural characteristics of oak and rubber wood

(1) Oak

 1) It has a distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture;
 2) The texture is firm, the finished product has a firm structure and long service life;
 2) High grade, suitable for making European furniture

  Material properties and use: air dry density of about 0.8 g / cubic centimeter. The oak is hard and hard, the texture is straight, the structure is thick and thin, the color is light and beautiful, the mechanical strength is quite high, and it is resistant to abrasion, but the wood is not easy to dry and saw and cut. A large number of oak is used in decorative materials, furniture materials, sports equipment, shipbuilding materials, vehicle materials, flooring materials, and the like. At the same time, it is also the preferred material for wood-based panel skinning.

(2) Rubber wood

  main feature:

  1. The color of the rubber wood is light yellow-brown, the annual rings are obvious, the wheel boundary is dark, and the hole is very small.
    2, rubber wood wood pine, texture oblique, wood grain is not obvious, wood grain is a trace, a little bit;
    3, the wood is hard, due to the residual glue, it is difficult to distinguish between red oak and rubber wood.
    4, before processing into furniture, rubber wood must first remove the rubber, otherwise the color will be black after the furniture.
    5, because rubber wood furniture is easy to cause skin allergies, frail allergies should not be used.
    6, rubber wood has a sour taste, because of the sugar content, not easy to remove, easy to change color, decay and insects.
    7, not easy to dry, not wear-resistant, easy to crack, easy to bend and deform, wood processing is easy, and sheet processing is easy to deform.
    8, rubber wood grows in the tropics, the growth period is relatively short, generally fell in 5-10 years, its wood density is lower than oak, the texture is relatively loose, so imported red oak is 6-8 times the price of rubber wood.