What are the advantages of a red wine wooden box?

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What are the advantages of a red wine wooden box?

With the gradual development and expansion of the wooden packaging industry, a variety of wooden box packaging products have flooded the market, making the packaging market dazzling. Wooden box packaging products are a trend in the packaging industry now.

The use of red wine wooden packaging boxes can not only improve the quality of gifts, but also conserve the product. For drinking products such as red wine, wooden boxes are used. The advantages of using wooden boxes for packaging are as follows:

1, ornamental
The cypress wood box not only has a simple and heavy texture, but also is very delicate and sophisticated in terms of craftsmanship. Therefore, it brings people a strong ornamental

2, preservation
Products packed in wooden boxes can better protect the products from damage due to collision. They can be used for a longer time than boxes made of other materials. Some boxes also have good waterproof performance.

3, color variability
The surface of the rafter box packaging crafts uses a paint spraying process. The surface of the paint has a matte, matte paint surface with a retro style. It is very smooth when touched by hand.
The surface of the paint is also colored, with a green and natural style, a graceful and luxurious red, a calm and solemn black, and a playful and cute violet color .