Health functions of wood

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Health functions of wood

Wood is an ancient and natural green environmental protection material. Wood has perfect characteristics, which can improve the living environment of humans, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and adjust people’s psychological feelings. It can prolong human life. . The health effects of wood: mainly reflected in vision, touch, hearing, smell, regulation and so on.

Wood visual effects

The wood is beautiful in texture, various in color, and can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays harmful to human eyes. Therefore, it makes people visually comfortable and healthy.

Tactile effect of wood

When people are in contact with wood, the temperature of the four seasons is similar. When walking on the wooden floor, it is soft and hard and flexible, and the wood gives people a good touch.

Hearing effect of wood

Wood is a natural porous material with good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. Therefore, the home decorated with wooden materials has a small echo and good sound insulation, giving a comfortable and quiet feeling.

Wood olfactory effect

A variety of woods often emit special pleasant aromas, commonly known as “fendo-jing”. After testing, some of these gases can sterilize and kill insects, some can invigorate the spirit, and some can calm the nerves. Healthy health effects.

Wood conditioning effect

Because the wood has certain moisture absorption and dehumidification properties, after the room is decorated with dry wood, if the air humidity is too high, the wood absorbs some of the water from the air, otherwise, it releases water, thereby creating a certain indoor relative humidity The regulating effect creates a more comfortable environment for people. It has been determined that the temperature of houses built with wood is lower in summer and warmer in winter. Because the wooden living room has many of the above-mentioned excellent effects, it makes people feel warm, peaceful and comfortable. According to surveys by well-known scholars, the average life expectancy of residents of wooden houses is 9-11 years longer than that of residents of reinforced concrete houses.