Wooden box packaging features

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Why is the solid wood storage box so popular?

Wooden box packaging features

The wooden box packaging industry has gradually developed and expanded, and various wooden gift box products have entered the market, making the packaging market a prosperous star. Wooden box packaging products are the mainstream way of the packaging industry.

The use of wooden gift boxes not only improves the grade of the gifts, but also facilitates the preservation of the products. For drinking products, such as red wine, wooden boxes are used. The advantages of using wooden boxes are as follows:

 1, ornamental

 The wooden box not only has a simple and heavy texture, but also is very delicate and elegant in terms of craftsmanship. Therefore, it gives people a strong appreciation.

 2, preservation

 Products that are packaged in wooden boxes can better protect the product from collisions and damage. They are used longer than other materials, and some have good waterproof properties. 3, color variability Cao County Long Yiyi Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

 The surface of the wooden gift box craft uses a paint spraying process. The surface of the paint has a matte, matte paint surface with a retro style. The hand touch is very smooth and feels good.