How to prevent the shape of your box from deforming

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How to prevent the shape of your box from deforming

The moisture content of the wooden box is within the saturation point of the wood fiber, and the bending property of the wood increases with the increase of the moisture content of the wood. When the density of the wood is small, the wood moisture content can be appropriately increased due to the small density of the wood and easy dehumidification.

The bending properties of wood increase with increasing wood temperature, but when the temperature of the wood is too high, the plasticity of the wood increases, and the hemicellulose in the wood degrades, thereby reducing the strength of the wood.

After the bending speed is softened, the straight square wool must be bent immediately. If the bending speed is too slow, the wood temperature drops and the plasticity weakens, which affects the bending property of the wood. If the bending speed of the wood is too fast, the internal structure of the wood is too late to meet the deformation needs and cause damage.

The relationship between the ring layer and the curved surface When the ring layer of the wood is parallel to the curved surface, the wood will not be destroyed under large pressure, but when the wheel layer is perpendicular to the curved surface in the year, the annual ring layer is easy under bending pressure. Slip to reduce the bending properties of the wood.

When the thickness and width of the cross-sectional dimension of the linear square wood are relatively large, the wood tends to lose stability when bent, so in actual production, the width of the square material can be used to produce a variety of wool, and then when the straight square wood wool is bent , you can cut and process.