Advantages of wood packaging materials

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Advantages of wood packaging materials

  1. The distribution of wood resources is wide and the trees are scattered all over the world. The quantity is considerable, which is convenient for local materials.
  2. Wood can be further processed into plywood wood processed into plywood, which has great benefits for reducing packaging quality, improving material uniformity, improving appearance and expanding application range. Wooden crates have durability and certain moisture, moisture and antibacterial properties.

3, wood corrosion-resistant, non-rust wood adaptable to a wide range, no rust, corrosion resistance, almost all items can be packaged in wood products, is a good packaging material for chemicals.

4, wood processing is convenient, wooden packaging containers can be made using simple tools, no complicated mechanical equipment. Due to the good nailing performance of the wood, hooks and screws can be installed in the container to fix the articles, and the outside of the container is also convenient for reinforcement.

5, wood has excellent strength and quality than it has a certain strength, can withstand the impact of shock, vibration, heavy pressure, etc., can choose different wood according to the different packaging items, to adapt to different packaging requirements.

6, wood can be recycled Reusable wooden packaging can be reused many times, or used for other purposes, can reduce costs, and does not pollute the environment. The main disadvantages of wooden packaging materials are poor appearance, easy moisture absorption, vulnerability to pests and odors, and often odors. Production and processing are not easy to automate and mechanize.