Wooden box moisture proof and mildew proof method

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Wooden box moisture proof and mildew proof method

The moisture-proof method is packaging, and the appropriate moisture-proof material can be selected when packaging the product. At the same time, the moisture-proof material is easy to absorb moisture. Add a suitable moisture-proof lining and wrap it in a sealed package and moisture-proof material. Finally, don’t forget to add a desiccant.

By absorbing a certain amount of desiccant in the sealed package to absorb moisture in the package, the moisture content of the inner product is reduced below its allowable water content. This technology is commonly used in food packaging, wine box packaging, tea box packaging and the like.

The moisture-proof packaging of wooden boxes is a technical method to prevent moisture from intruding into the packaging and affecting the quality of the packaging and taking certain protective measures. The technical principle of moisture-proof packaging is to isolate the product from the moist atmosphere with a material that is low in moisture or moisture impermeable to avoid the influence of moisture on the product.

To this end, the wooden box can adopt the following moisture-proof packaging methods:

  1. Choose a suitable moisture-proof material.
  2. Design a reasonable packaging structure.
  3. Moisture-proof materials are easy to absorb moisture.
  4. Add a suitable moisture barrier lining.
  5. Sealed packaging and moisture-proof materials.
  6. Add a desiccant.

If the surface of the wooden box is not treated (ie, painted), it is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, and it is easy to deposit dust and mold spores in the air, and its rich nutrients, the risk of mold is high. Once the wooden box is moldy, it is easy to mold on the outer fabric and leather, which affects the appearance and customer experience of the product. It is recommended to use a mildew inhibitor or a desiccant to prevent it. Mildew is caused by a humid, dark environment.

The solution is to first thoroughly clean the box and place it in a dry and ventilated place for two days. Then put some desiccant into the moisture. Pay attention to the environment and keep the environment not too humid. Long storage time, red wine wooden boxes, wooden boxes to be dried outside. (Don’t dry in the sun for a long time) Then place a mold-proof film to achieve long-term anti-mildew and antibacterial effect.

When the winter is dried, red wine wooden boxes and red wine wooden boxes often have storage problems, and cracks appear on the wooden boards. As a high-grade item, wooden boxes must work well in moisture and mildew.